Rice - 2 cups

Tuvardal - 2 cups

Double Beans

Tamarind - 25 gms

Masala Ingredients


Coriander seeds - 4 tb

Chana deal - 1 tb

Urad deal - 1 tb

Menthi seeds - 1 tb

Lavangapattai - 1 piece

Red chillies - 10

Mustard seeds

Vegetables such as peas, French beans, potato, carrot, cucumber, snake gourd, etc.

Wash and cut the vegetables in big pieces.

Cook the double beans. When it is half cooked, add the vegetables and cook

Add cooked tuvardal to the vegetable mix.

Riast and grind the masala ingredients to a fine powder and to the mix. Add coconut while grinding.

Add salt to taste and tamarind essence. Stir well.

Garnish with popped up mustard seeds and curry leaves.

Add a cup of oil and ghee wirhout stirring and keep the kadambam covered. Mix well just before serving.