Vangi Bath

Brinjal Rice

Main Ingredients

Rice - 500 gms

Brinjal - 750 gms

Tamarind - 10 gms

Grated Coconut - 1 cup

Cobra (dry coconut) - 1 cup

Salt - to taste

Oil - 150 gms

Masala Ingredients

Coriander Seeds - 4 tbs

Chana dal - 1 tb

Urad dal - 1 tb

Red Chillies - 10 pieces

Lavangapattai (Cinnamon) -  1 piece

Garnishing Ingredients

Mustard Seeds- 1 tb

Chana Dal - 1 tb

Urad Dal - 1 tb

Red Chilly - 1

Curry Leaves - 20 pieces


Cook the rice.

Roast the masala ingredients with a tb spoon of oil. Roast until brown. Grind the masala into a coarse powder.

Wash and cut the brinjal. Roast the brinjal with a tb spoon of oil. Add the masala and salt. After the brinjal is cooked nicely add the tamarind essence.

Add coconut and stir well. 

Take out the cooked rice. Add a tb spoon of oil. Add the cooked rice and dry coconut powder to the brinjal and mix well. 

Garnish as per the general garnishing procedure.

Switch off the stove. Squeeze two big lemons to the rice, brinjal mix. Mix everything well. More lemon essence can be added if needed.

This rice can stay for a couple of days. It tastes better as the masala settles down.