Rukmini Recipes On Big Basket

Big Basket had announced a contest and Rukmini had participated in that and sent in her recipes. Her recipes were selected and published by Big Basket.

Spicy Dosa Balls

Read the full recipe and get the ingredients here:

100 gm Idly Dosa Batter 5 Red Chillies 5 Green Chillies Oil to fry

Preparation Step 1 : Grind the red and green chillies to a powder. Step 2 : Mix it into the Fresho Idly Dosa Batter. Step 3 : Heat the oil and add a spoonful of oil into the batter. Step 4 : Drop small balls of the batter into the oil. Step 5 : Fry until they turn golden brown. Step 6 : Serve as it is or with a tomato or cheese dip.