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White Rice Special

White Rice Special

Main Course Rice: Ven Pongal

Ingredients required

1. rice                         3 cups
2. green gram (Split)      1 cup
3. water                      7 cups
4. copra                      1 cup
5. clarified butter          5 tablespoons
6. cumin                      2 teaspoons
7. pepper                     2 teaspoons
8. cashew nut               3 tablespoons
9. asafoetida  a pinch
10. salt   to taste


Roast cashew nuts in clarified butter, remove and keep aside. Roast rice and split green gram for 2 minutes in 3 spoons of clarified butter, add water and cook. It can be cooked in the pressure cooker. Roast cumin and pepper in a spoonful of clarified butter and add it to the rice. Roast the copra in a dry pan (without clarified butter). Mix part of it with the rice and mix well. Part of it can be used for garnishing the dish. Add salt and mix well. Remove from fire, add a spoonful of clarified butter on top. Garnish with cashew nuts and roasted copra. Keep it covered for 5 mts.

Now the very special rice preparation, Ven Pongal,  is ready to serve.