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Curd Rice

Curd Rice Special

Main Course Rice: Bakālābāth

Ingredients Required

1. rice                        4 cups
2. curd                       1 cup
3. water                     8 cups
4. milk                        2 cups
5. coconut               150 gm
6. butter                   25 gm
7. cucumber                1
8. raw mango              1
9. banana (fruit)          1
10. grapes(green, seedless) 50 gm
11. ginger                          5 gm
12. curry leaves                10
13. green coriander             4 teaspoons
14. salt to taste
15. mustard                       1 teaspoon
16. cumin                          1 teaspoon
17. bengal gram (split)         1 teaspoon
18. black gram (split)           1 teaspoon
19. red chillies                    2
20.asafoetida  a pinch


Cook rice in water. Keep it aside to cool. Grate cucumber, raw mango, ginger and coconut and add them to the cooked rice after it becomes cool. Add banana and grapes. You can also add other fruits like pomegranate, black grapes and straw berries.

Prepare for tālitthal or seasoning.  For this take two spoons of oil in pan and heat it. Add some mustard seeds. When they begin to pop up add the red chillies, cumin, bengal gram (split) and black gram (split). Add a pinch of asafoetida.  Add the curry leaves. Add all this to the rice. Add butter, salt and curd and mix well. If the curd is too thick and if it is to be diluted, add milk. It is better to add milk to dilute the curd than adding water. Garnish the dish with chopped coriander and curry leaves. Leave aside for 5 mts.

Now the bewitching rice preparation, Bakālābāth, is ready to serve.