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Coconut Rice

Coconut Rice

Main Course Rice: Tengā Sādam

Ingredients required

1. rice                      3 cups
2. water                   6 cups
3. coconut             200 gm
4. oil                        2 tablespoons
5. Mustard                1 teaspoon
6. bengal gram (split)  1 teaspoon
7. black gram (split)    1 teaspoon
8. red chillies             2 pieces
9. curry leaves         10 leaves
10. turmeric powder    1 teaspoon
11. salt  to taste

ProcedureCook rice with water. Prepare for thālitthal or seasoning. For seasoning,  take two spoons of oil in a pan, heat it and put the mustard seeds in the oil. When the mustard seeds start popping and crackling add the red chillies. Then add the bengal gram (split) and black gram (split). Add a pinch of asafoetida (hing). Finally add the curry leaves. Add the coconut and roast for a minute. Add the cooked rice and salt. Mix well. You can also decorate the dish with roasted cashew nuts, chopped coriander and curry leaves.

Now the tantalising rice preparation, Tengā Sādam,  is ready to serve.