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Brinjal Rice

Brinjal Rice Special

Main Course Rice: Vāngi Bāth

Ingredients Required

1. brinjal                   1 kg
2. rice                      4 cups
3. water                   7 cups
4. tamarind             10 gm
5. lemon                  2
6. coconut or copra 250 gm
7. oil                     150 gm
8. salt to taste
9. mustard                 1 teaspoon
10. red chillies            2
11. bengal gram (split) 1 teaspoon
12. black gram (split)   1 teaspoon
13. asafoetida a pinch
14. turmeric powder a pinch
15. curry leaves         10

Ingredients to be Powdered

Roast all these ingredients in two spoons of oil. Roast in medium heat for about 10 minutes. If properly roasted the chillies turn crisp and the other ingredients change colour. Keep aside the roasted ingredients to cool and then grind to a fine powder. Now the podi is ready to add to Vāngi Bāth.

1. coriander (seeds) 50 gm
2. bengal gram (split)  2 tablespoons
3. black gram (split) 2 tablespoons
4. red chillies  8
5. cinnamon  1 inch piece
6. asafoetida  a pinch


Cook rice with water, add a pinch of turmeric powder, some curry leaves and a spoonful of oil and keep it aside. Prepare for the thālitthal or seasoning. For this take two spoons of oil in pan and heat it. Add some mustard seeds. When they begin to pop up add the red chillies, bengal gram (split) and black gram (split). Add a pinch of asafoetida.  After this add the brinjals and roast for 3 minutes. Take the essence out of the tamarind and add to the brinjal. Prepare the powder of coriander (seeds) and other ingredients mentioned and add it to the brinjal. Add freshly grated coconut or copra and add salt. Boil this mixture with brinjal for 5 minutes. Mix the rice with brinjal and stir a couple of times to mix well. Remove from fire and add lemon juice. Decorate the dish with curry leaves. You can also use freshly chopped coriander leaves. Leave aside for 10 mts.


Now the very unusual rice preparation, Vāngi Bāth, is ready to serve.