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Black Gram Rice

Black Gram Rice

Main Course Rice: Ulundorai

Ingredients required

1. rice                           500 gm
2. black gram (split)         100 gm 
3. water                        500 gm
4. clarified butter               2 tablespoons
5. cashew nut                  50 gm
6. copra                          25 gm
7. curry leaves                 10 gm
8. green coriander             10 gm
9. pâpad                           8
10. salt  to taste


Roast the cashew nuts in clarified butter, take them out when they are golden brown  and keep them aside. Roast black gram (split)  in the same clarified butter. When it turns brownish add the rice and half a litre water. Cook in a pressure cooker or separately. Add salt to taste and mix well. Crush 4 Pāppads , not to a powder but medium sized pieces, and add to the rice. Mix well. Decorate with roasted cashew nuts, coriander leaves and curry leaves. Sprinkle some copra on the rice. Keep the  remaining four Pāppads around the pan in such a way that it surrounds the rice.


Now the unusual rice dish, Ulundorai is ready to serve.