Raw Banana Curry

Ripe banana is the favourite fruit of many. But have you tasted the raw banana curry? This is a special South Indian cuisine.


Raw Banana - 4

Tamarind - a small lemon size piece

Salt to taste

Grated coconut 

Curry Leaves & Garnishing Ingredients


Oil - three tps


Raw bananas should be kept immersed in water until we are ready to prepare the curry. Otherwise they get half ripe and will not taste good when we make the curry.

Peel the bananas and again keep them immersed in water. Cut into small pieces and let them remain in water. 

Soak the tamarind in water, squeeze the essence and keep in a bowl. Add the necessary amount of salt. Drain the cut pieces of the raw bananas and soak them in the salted, tamarind water. Leave it aside for half an hour.

Take a pan, warm three tps of oil, Season with mustard seeds, dal & curry leaves as we do for all South Indian dishes.

Drain the raw banana pieces and add to the seasoning. Cook until the pieces are soft and break under pressure from a spoon. Keep stirring. Add grated coconut (optional). Add a little bit of chilly powder or garam masala powder. If we want a real South Indian taste we should prepare the curry powder. This curry powder is also available in many shops.

Add some green curry leaves on top to garnish and beautify the dish.