Mango Pickle


Raw Mangoes
Rock salt
Chilly Powder
Mustard Powder
Fenugreek seeds / coarse powder
Turmeric Powder
Til or Mustard Oil

Preparing the Mangoes for Pickling

Wash, peel and cut the mangoes to small pieces.

Take another vessel. Add one layer of mangoes to the empty vessel.

Add one layer of salt. Add one more layer of mangoes on top of the salt.

Add one more layer of salt. Add one more layer of mango pieces.

Repeat the process. Finally cover the vessel with a lid and keep it aside for three days.

Leave it for a day with the salt on top. The next day the salt settles.

Mix well, cover and leave it aside for two more days. Everyday remember to mix well.

Now we are going to make different types of pickles using the prepared mangoes.

Drain the water from the mangoes. We can use it for preparing the 'Kadisaar'.

Kadisaar or Liquid Chilly Pickle

Mix the mustard and chilly powder in water. You can use the drained mango water.

Pour the mixture of mustard, chilly & turmeric powder on the mangoes. Mix well.

Avakkai Pickle or Oily Mango Pickle

Use the same powder as before without water. Pour enough oil to cover the mangoes.

Menthi-Milagaay or Fenugreek-Chilly Dry Pickle

Remove mango water. Add fenugreek, chilly and turmeric powder and oil. Mix well.

Menthi Keri or Gujarati Mango Pickle

Add dry broken menthi grains, soaked full grains could also be added.

Add chilly and turmeric powder. Mix well.

Add oil. Mix well.

Mango Thokku or Mango Spicy Chutney

Grate the mango. Take a little bit of oil in a pan. Add some mustard seeds and allow it to pop. Add the grated mango. Mix well.

Add some turmeric. Mix well.

Add salt to taste. Mix well.

Add coriander powder. Mix well.

Add chilly powder. Mix well.

Add more chilly powder if you like it spicy. Add a bit of jaggery to balance the taste.

Add three table spoons of oil and mix well. 

Keep stirring. Note the colour change. When the 'Thokku' is done, the oil separates.


Keep it in the fridge. Take out a small quantity in a separate bottle and use. It is necessary to use a dry spoon always. This can be stored for about 6 months.


Steps to make Mango Pickle:

1. Cut mangoes into small pieces (not very small- medium) and remove the seed.
2. Wash it twice or thrice nicely after cutting it. 
3. Take a clean vessel.
4. Take two hands full of mango pieces and put it in that vessel. 
5. Now, take a hand full of crystal salt and put it over the mango pieces. 
6. Now again take the Mango pieces (two hands full) and then put the salt. 
7. Repeat the process until all the mangoes are there in the vessel. 
8. Let the mangoes take all the salt in it. For that you must keep it in rest for three days.

9. After 3 days, take 1/4 kg (250 grams) of Mustard and 1/2 kg (500 g) of long red chillies and keep it under direct sun, till it becomes crispy. Keep it when the sun shines brightly. (If you keep it in the morning you can take it in the evening and see if it's crispy or not. This is the approximate time.)
10. This should be done in order to get a fine powder. Use less or more chilly as per your taste.

11. After it dries make the mustard and chilly into powder separately and mix both of them. You can also use these powders available in shops. Add turmeric powder.

12. Aavaka type of pickle:
•Mix the powder with the soaked Mangoes. 
• Now put some oil (நல்ல எண்ணை)
• Mix it well and keep it. 

13. Kadisaar type of pickle:
• Add some water to the powder (mustard and chilly powder) 
• It should not be very watery.
• After that pour this into the mangoes.
• It is better to preserve the pickle in a mud pot. (Jaadi)
• After transferring, cover the mouth of the pot with a white muslin cloth and tie it.
 • Put the lid and keep it in a clean place.

Now our Pickle is ready to eat!!

The older the pickle, the tastier it gets!!