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Pepper Rasam

Milagu Rasam Masala
Special Pepper falvoured Dal Soup


split bengal gram (chick pea)  50 gm
split black gram                    50 gm
peppar                               10  gm
red Chillies (long)                   2  
asafoetida                            5  gm
ghee                                   1 table spoon

Roast all the ingredients in ghee on slow fire till the chillies turn crisp and the other ingredients turn golden brown.  To roast all the ingredients evenly the flame should be medium high. Keep the roasted ingredients aside to cool. Then grind them to a fine powder in a mixer.

This powder can be added to a number of dishes. But the most important item that is made with this powder is 'Milagu Rasam'.

Milagu Rasam is similar to soup.

Procedure for preparing Milagu Rasam

1. Cook about 250 gm of split gram (pigeon pea) with a pinch of turmeric powder. 
2. Add this powder and salt to the cooked dal.  
3. Boil for 10 mts.  
4. Dilute the cooked split gram according to the preferred consistency by adding water. In South India it is prepared as a thin liquid which can be drunk from a glass.
5. Add curry leaves for additional flavour.
6. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice (optional).
7. Add a tablespoon of milk (optional).

You can choose whether to add milk or lemon juice or leave out both. The taste will differ in each case. Usually a lemon cut to pieces is served with this Rasam so that those who prefer to add it can do so.

Usually this Rasam is eaten with rice in South India. But it is also drunk as soup.  It is very useful to aid digestion and hence can be served as an appetizer.

This powder can be ground to a paste with grated coconut and added to cooked split gram and vegetables. Then it is called 'Koottu'. Usually vegetables like snake gourd and white brinjals also called bangalore brinjals are prepared in this manner.

This powder can also be mixed with rice and eaten. Then it is called Milagu Sadam.

Procedure for preparing Milagu Sadam

1. Take a cup of cooked rice.
2. Add this powder and salt when the rice is hot.  
3. Add a teaspoon of ghee and mix well.
4. Add a teaspoon of lemon juice (optional). 

Milagu Sadam has an exotic taste and the amount of ghee added can be varied according to individual preferences as to how spicy or bland the dish should be. Instead of adding the lemon juice to the rice, a lemon cut to pieces can be served along with the rice so that those who prefer to add it can do so.