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Madras Rasam

Madras Rasam Masala
Special South Indian Madras Soup


coriander (seeds)                 100 gm
split gram (pigeon pea)            50  gm
split bengal gram (chick pea)   10   gm
pepper                                 25  gm
cumin                                  10   gm
red chillies                            10   gm

Dry all the ingredients in the sun and grind them to a powder.  Store in an airtight container.

This powder is used for preparing Madras Rasam which is similar to soup. 

Procedure for preparing Madras Rasam

1. Cook split gram (pigeon pea) and take the diluted dal water. [You can cook the dal, take the dal water from the top for this Rasam and use the thick dal for Sambar.]
2. In a pan take tablespoon oil and roast a teaspoon of mustard and cumin.  A pinch of asafoetida can also be added. 
3. When the mustard and cumin pop up and crackle, add a few tomatoes cut into small pieces.
4. Add a pinch of turmeric powder, salt to taste, the Madras Rasam powder and roast for two to three minutes. 
5. Add the dal water. 
6. Boil for 5 mts.  
7. Add curry leaves and chopped coriander leaves for additional flavour.

Usually this item is eaten with rice in South India. But it is also drunk as soup.  It is very useful to aid digestion and hence can be served as an appetizer.

Rice and dal are eaten every day in South India. Hence to bring in variety the South Indians prepare different types of dal. Sometimes the dal is prepared with tamarind, sometimes with tomatoes, sometimes with lemon and sometimes with a combination of one or two or all three of these. In addition the different powders that are prepared and stored add different flavours and thereby add to the variety.