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Curry Powder

Masala Powder

In South India special powders are prepared and added to many of the South Indian Delicacies. Each powder is different though some of them have similar ingredients. The proportion of the mixture of all the ingredients is important as it brings about a difference in the flavour and taste. The Podi or powder is used for the nutritional value of the ingredients individually as well as in combination and the exotic aroma that adds a special flavour to the dish. The selection of the ingredients is such that it enhances the appetite and helps in digestion.


It is possible to prepare the powders with more or less chillies depending on individual preferences. Similarly, it is possible to leave out asafoetida if you do not like its smell. The asafoetida is usually added to all South Indian Spices and it is said to aid in digestion.


The powders can be kept for six months in airtight containers without refrigeration. They can last longer if kept in the fridge.



  • Sambar Masala
  • Mysore Rasam Masala
  • Madras Rasam Masala
  • Seeragam Rasam Masala
  • Milagu Rasam Masala
  • Chutney Masala
  • Idli Milagai Masala
  • Paruppu Masala
  • Puliyôdarai Masala
  • Bisi Bèla Masala
  • Vangi Bhaat Masala
  • Kadamba Masala