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Semolina Sweet

Porridge Semolina Sweet

Dessert: Kèsari Bāth

Ingredients required

1. Semolina                 250 gm
2. sugar                     250 gm
3. ghee                      150 gm
4. water                     250 gm
5. cashew nut               25 gm
6. almond                     25 gm
7. raisins                      25 gm
8. saffron  0.20 gm
9. cardamom  10 gm


Prepare for the garnishing. Powder the cardamom after removing the outer skin. Grind the inner black granules to a fine powder and keep aside. Take the saffron, add two drops of milk and grind it to a paste. The saffron and the milk should mix well. It will be a sort of orangish paste.

Roast the cashew nuts in ghee. Take three spoons of ghee and cashew nuts in a pan and roast them on slow fire. When they turn golden brown remove them from the ghee and keep aside. Roast the almonds in the same ghee till the colour changes slightly.  Remove the almonds and keep aside. Roast the raisins in the same ghee till the colour changes slightly. Remove the raisins and keep aside.

Prepare the Dessert. After removing all the ingredients used for garnishing, roast semolina in the same ghee, in medium heat. It would take at least 20 minutes for the semolina to turn light brown. You will also get a nice smell of roasted semolina. The flame should be low, otherwise semolina may not get evenly roasted or may get burnt. Add water and cook. Ensure that lumps are not formed. Add sugar and keep stirring. Add a spoonful of ghee periodically and keep stirring for 10mts. Add saffron and cardamom powder and mix well.

More of saffron is added to this dish. The name Kèsari means saffron. And as the name indicates this is a special sweet of saffron. Decorate the dish with the garnishing prepared earlier. Add a couple of spoons of ghee on top. Cover and keep it aside for 5mts. It is also possible to prepare this item with less ghee or more ghee according to individual preferences. Now Kèsari Bāth is ready to serve. You may serve it hot or cold. The dish will last for two three days without refrigeration.

Enjoy the cool dessert Kesari Bath.