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Sago Porridge

Sago Porridge

Dessert: Sabbarisi Pāyasam

Ingredients required

1. sago                            25 gm
2. ghee                             4 table spoons
3. milk                            500 gm
4. sugar                          150 gm
5. cashew nut                   25 gm
6. cardamom                     10 gm


Prepare for the garnishing. Powder the cardamom after removing the outer skin. Grind the inner black granules to a fine powder and keep aside.

Roast the cashew nuts in ghee. Take three spoons of ghee and cashew nuts in a pan and roast them on slow fire. When they turn golden brown remove them from the ghee and keep aside.

Prepare the dessert. Roast sago in the same ghee. Cook it in half a glass of water. After it is cooked add milk and sugar and let it boil. Usually only cashew nuts and cardamom powder are added to this Pāyasam.  Cover it and keep it aside for 5 mts.

Now the delicious dessert, Sabbarisi Pāyasam, is ready to serve.