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Garnishing Desserts

Common Garnishing for all Porridge

Garnishing For All Desserts

1. Roast cashew nuts in ghee.

For roasting, take a little ghee in a pan, put the cashew nuts in the ghee and then light the fire. This would ensure that the heating of the ghee and the roasting of the cashew nuts begin at the same time. This helps in roasting the nuts evenly without burning them.  Roast till the cashew nuts turn golden brown. Remove the cashew nuts from the ghee and keep aside.

2. Roast the almonds in the same ghee, after removing the cashew nuts. Roast till the colour of the almonds changes slightly.  Remove the almonds and keep aside.

3. Roast the raisins in the same ghee. Roast till the colour changes slightly. Remove the raisins and keep aside.

[The same ghee can be used later to roast the ingredient mentioned in each porridge. For example, in Kèsari Bāth, semolina is  to be roasted in ghee. After roasting the raisins and removing them from the ghee, you can roast the semolina in the same ghee.]

4. Powder the cardamom after removing the outer skin. Grind the inner black granules to a fine powder and keep aside.

5. Take the saffron, add two drops of milk and grind it to a paste. The saffron and the milk should mix well. It will be a sort of orangish paste.

After preparing a dessert, pour the saffron paste and mix well. Decorate with the roasted cashew nuts, almonds and raisins to form an attractive pattern. This is common for all the desserts in this ebook.

It is also possible to leave out some of these items. For example, it is possible to prepare the porridge with only cardamom powder. It is also possible to prepare the items included here with less or more ghee according to individual preferences. The time mentioned here is a rough estimate and it may vary from person to person.